Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to ElderCare Portal's frequently asked questions! This page is dedicated to provide you with basic knowledge on how our site works. It also contains procedures to help you get things done.

1. Can I use ElderCare Portal without an account?

Yes, you can! Feel free to navigate around the site and see how we can help you find new jobs as care providers or hire someone who can take care of your loved ones. Once you're decided, creating an account is the next step. This is free and wouldn't cause you anything.

2. How do I create an account?

To create an account, please indicate whether you need care or you provide care. If you need medical assistance for yourself or your loved ones, choose Register as a Care Seeker. If you're a caregiver or licensed medical professional, choose Register as a Care Provider. We will guide you on every step as we move along the process.

3. What are the perks of having an account?

An ElderCare Portal account is your key to access all of our exciting features such as:

For care providers:

  • Accepting/rejecting booking requests,
  • Uploading your documents and credentials in one place for easy access,
  • Sending a copy of your complete profile to prospect clients, and
  • Finding jobs based on your own schedule and time availability.

For care seekers:

  • Access the complete profile of care providers including their certificates and other miscellaneous documents,
  • Conducting interviews for your hand-picked candidates,
  • Pay their services using your credit card and do everything in the comfort of your own time!

4. Why is there a need to provide multiple information?

We're happy that you've asked! Your account connects you to the care seekers and care providers of ElderCare Portal. These people meant business every time so we work on keeping all data authentic and verified. We ask for some personal information during the sign-up process to impose security and reduce fraud.

  • Name - Your name will appear on all your ElderCare Portal transactions. For example, when you create booking requests or clarify patient details, your name will appear on these activities.
  • Password - Keep your account secure by creating a strong password. To do that, follow these guidelines:
    • Use 8-16 characters.
    • Besides letter, include at least a number or a symbol (!@#$%^&*_+=)
    • Password is case sensitive.
    • Avoid using the same password across multiple sites.
  • Date of Birth - We will use this to give you age-appropriate content on your searches. We want to trim down what's best for you by determining your age.
  • Gender - We will use your gender for two reasons: to provide accurate search results and address you properly.
  • Mobile Phone - Having a mobile phone ready will help us contact you easier and faster. It's also a way for us to notify you on all bookings and updates in your ElderCare Portal account.
  • Location - We need this information in search results and client address. Your care seekers can see where their care provider will be doing their services, and vice versa.
All information we ask is for business purposes only. Rest assured, we will not give your sensitive information to telemarketers and spammers.

5. What are booking requests?

Booking requests, is the reservation of service of a care provider. Care seekers use booking requests when they want to notify a caregiver to do services for them. Care providers can accept or deny booking requests depending on their availability and preferences. When you want a care provider, send them a booking request and we will notify them.

6. How are booking requests created?

To make a booking request, go to the search page and complete all fields. We will show you the care providers who have matched your preferences. (You can view their complete profiles and conduct an interview first if you wish to know them before placing your requests.) Fill up the online request form and we'll inform the care providers you have chosen. Wait for them to accept your request and confirm the booking. We'll also notify you through email and SMS on the status of your request. You can book as many care providers as you wish to cover all the dates that needs filling.

7. What is a subscription fee and why do I need to pay it?

Subscription fee is the amount paid by care providers for their exposure to care seekers. To increase visibility to online clients and earn money, a subscription fee is needed. Bookings sent to you will also be manageable only if subscription is active. Your subscription is due for renewal monthly, quarterly or yearly payments. Fees do not reflect local taxes, for which the care provider is responsible.

8. What are credential view points?

Credential view points are used to inspect special documents not available for normal viewing. For an affordable amount, you will have an exclusive access to all documents that you wish to examine and verify.

9. How do we send payments from care seekers to care providers?

Care seekers pay their care provider services using credit cards. We partnered with trusted e-commerce sites to ensure that all our transactions are secure. Let us break it down for you in simple terms so you can understand better:

Care Seekers: After finalizing your bookings, we need you to provide your CC details for payment. The portal will pay the services of your care providers on a weekly basis. This is how often we'll charge your credit card.

Care Providers: Once a week, you will receive your total weekly earnings via bank checks. You can deposit this on your own bank account immediately.

10. What are the rules when it comes to certificates and supporting documents?

Certificates and supporting documents are part of signing up. Complete your profile first by scanning your documents and certifications before receiving booking requests. Upload these files on your account and click submit for verification. Please note of expiration dates.

Note: Please do not hesitate to upload what you have even if you lack one or few documents so we can note your progress. Until then, care seekers can see your profile. They cannot request yet for your services until you complete your requirements.

11. What does the free six (6) months subscription offer all about?

ElderCare Portal is on the hunt for qualified care providers who can take care of your family and loved ones. Skills, experiences and good personality traits are a must to be part of the team! Be part of this noble profession by creating an account now and enjoy our exclusive offer—courtesy of ElderCare Portal!

12. Why do some states display fewer searches compared to other states?

Eldercare Portal is on its enrollment phase. Everyday, we screen and approve new members to the Eldercare Portal community. We do thorough checking of documents and user profiles to ensure the safety of everybody.

13. How does the recruitment system works?

  1. Give your promotional code to potential care providers.To find your promo code, sign in to your account and visit the "My Referrals Page".
  2. When they sign-up and use your code, we will link them to your account.
  3. Spread the #ECP news and get a free one-year subscription for every four individual that gets verified and approved to use the website.

14. What are portal booking service fees?

Whenever you perform services for the care seekers, the portal deducts 15% off your total earnings. This deduction refers to the portal booking service fee which covers the cost of bookings and security of all transactions made within the portal.

We hope that these discussions somehow covered most of your questions about this site. We're looking forward to be your partner of choice when it comes to your caring needs! If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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